God never actually leaves you, even when you think He does.

Muhammad Ridlo
2 min readApr 3, 2022
Photo by Mosquegrapher on Unsplash

That night, I randomly opened up my diary book to surf through some memories that written on that book. Flipping through some pages, I reached one page, that page really surprised me, it was written “My Wish”, there were 3 lists there, and one of them was,

Getting internship in design studio / startup.

I was like, damn, do I really ever wished those kind of things, I thought everything was going unplanned, literally just following the flow of life. I truly forgot that I wrote that wish. My heart felt really warm, and I was grateful that the wish I forgot was actually happened, and I really didn’t realize it.

From there, I started to look back to things happened before that. I felt devastated, things were rough, everything was a pure mess. I didn’t even know what to do with my life just because the only thing I had in my head was a complete trash, and all those negative emotions crumbled up and forming a conclusion that God was never on my side, I was left alone, there is no way He will help me achieve things, because I felt that all things I wanted, were never granted.

And looking to my diary, it prove me that, God was never leave my side. And I think He was never leave His slaves, even a bit. I am not a religious person, but thinking about this somehow give me some sort of happiness in my heart. And at least, I started to have faith that God will never leave His slave’s side, even when He test us with the hardest test we felt.

So, yeah,

Thank You. And Happy Ramadhan.

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