I expected too much from people. And it disappoint me every single time.

Muhammad Ridlo
2 min readFeb 18, 2022
Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

This was just my typical writing. The idea came randomly. Today’s idea came from my weekday night class. This class was a new experience for me, because I met about 19+ new people from various regions, backgrounds, studying User Experience for the very first time.

The class has been running for one week, but I don’t think I know the other students really well.

Well what you expect from an only 1 week meeting ? I don’t expect too much to know each of them actually. But somehow, I expected so much on my team members, to be as active, and to have knowledge as good as the other. But the condition was far from my expectation. The group discussion wasn’t going so well, mostly we just keep silent, and not even trying to speak what’s in our mind. When the other teams have reached a point somewhere, my team just started.

It frustrated me so much, until it reached the point where,

“Okay, I will just report this to my facilitator, I can’t take this anymore, the discussion wasn’t running so well, everything’s a mess.”

But then, there’s one word that snapped me back to reality from my facilitator. It made me realize that, things just got started, you don’t have to be that frustrated just by this 1 week result. She said,

“It’s okay, this is just their first time.”

I was like, “Damn, I’ve expected too much from someone, this is still the beginning of the class. Why would I be so rushed ?”

I think I need to swallow my own words I said to my friends at the first day of the class,

“Not all of them are in the same level as you are.” (Sounds arrogant isn’t it ?).

So yeah, another lesson learned. Guess we always learn something everyday :).

Ekspektasinya ke orang lain sering kegedean, makanya sering kecewa :).