Taking Step Back

Muhammad Ridlo
2 min readFeb 12, 2022


Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash

I realized one thing during my class. “Oh damn, the materials are too advanced for students on that grade, that’s why they ignored me for one hour straight.” (Well, one hour is actually the whole class duration lol).

After a moment, I started to do some evaluation from worksheet I gave to them (I did that in the middle of the class). Then I came to a conclusion that I need to take a step back for the materials, because it was too hard for kid to understand it, plus I still tried to improve my teaching so the chance of them really understood the materials are low. I can’t continue if the situation was like that. Deep in my heart I knew that I always aim to go forward, because people tend to see it as a progress. But I believe it’s different when it comes to deliver materials, it’s not always about us as a teacher, it’s about our students.

We can’t just ignore the fact that they’re still not meant to step forward or even stand still. But they have to step back. Oh sorry, it’s not them that need to step back, I need to step back, with materials that I brought with me.

People really obsessed with stepping forward, making significant progress but ignoring the fact that sometimes, we need to step back a bit, to ensure that other people feel the impact. The obsession potentially put us in danger because there’s no actual progress happening, but still insist us to step forward.

So yeah, sometimes, please, take step back a bit.


Coba coba refleksi terus ditulisin ga cuma di buku, tapi di medium juga, biar kayak orang-orang, terus pake enggres biar latian + keliatan keren.